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Brochures and Other Materials

We have many educational materials that may be reproduced and distributed. However, we ask that our agency information (logo, contact information, etc.) not be removed or changed and is subject to copyright. Please call the Business Office (707) 444-9255 to have materials mailed or delivered to your organization.


HDVS Agency Brochure (English)

HDVS Agency Brochure (Spanish)

Safety Plan (English)

Safety Plan (Spanish)

Does love have to hurt?

LGBTQI Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Brochure English

Jennifer Bushnell Memorial Fund Brochure

A Guide to Nonviolent Parenting

What You Can Do for a Friend Who is Being Abused

Parenting Packet (for children of domestic violence)


Tear-Tab Flier (English)

Tear-Tab Flier (Spanish)

12 Ways to Resolve Conflicts

How to Love Yourself

Power and Control Wheel

Rethink (anger management strategies)

Rules for Fighting Fair

Societal Oppression and Domestic Violence