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Community Resources

girl writes messageThere are many resources that are available to members of our community. Click on the links below to learn more! You may also call our Support Line for more details or assistance in accessing resources.

  1. Advocacy
  2. Anger Management and Batterer Intervention Programs
  3. Animals
  4. Clothing
  5. Community and Family Resource Centers
  6. Counseling
  7. Disabled/Differently Abled
  8. Energy/Bill Assistance
  9. Food
  10. Health
  11. HIV/AIDS and other STDs
  12. Hospitals
  13. Housing
  14. Internet Access
  15. Jobs
  16. Law Enforcement
  17. Legal Help
  18. LGBTQ
  19. Medical/Dental Services
  20. Native American Resources
  21. Non-English Speakers
  22. Personas que no Hablan Inglés
  23. Other Shelters
  24. Parenting
  25. Senior Resources
  26. Showers
  27. Social Services
  28. Substance Abuse and Gambling
  29. Supervised Visitation
  30. Transportation
  31. Youth

If you see something that is not correct, or know of other resources that are not listed here, please contact us with the information and we will update the list as soon as we can.