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When you think of supporting a Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence organization, you might automatically think of donating money. While that is a great and much appreciated form of support, there are many more ways to support! Here are some ideas of how you can support Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS) specifically, but most of these will apply to any organization:

  • Attend their events and share information about their events on social media. HDVS is on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Support policy that ensures these organizations continue to receive funding. For more information read here.
  • Donate your used clothing to Lots 4 Tots in Eureka and tell them that you are donating on behalf of Humboldt Domestic Violence Services. When you do this, Lots 4 Tots will give credit to HDVS which our clients can then use to shop.
  • Fulfill a survivor’s wish list. HDVS maintains wish lists for many clients, which often include households items such as lamps and kitchen appliances. If you have any items you’re looking to rehome, call HDVS’ business office and see if we have any clients who need that item.
  • Hold a fundraiser or donation drive. Many organizations have held donation drives to gather emergency food, which helps immensely! Call HDVS’ business office to ask how you or your organization/community group can get started.
  • Donate a grocery store gift card. We often don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for clients because they’re perishable. With a gift card, we can easily make sure our clients have fresh food when they need it.

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